Two Ways to Send a Gift!

  • Buy a Gift Card

  • Send a gift now

  • There are gift cards and then there are Tacos Tequila Whiskey Gift Cards. Sure, you could buy your friend a gift card to Old Navy or The Gap, but what are they going to do with that? Buy another pair of khakis? You KNOW that the way to a person’s heart is through food, so give the gift of delicious tacos, tequila and whiskey (and cocktails and desserts and…you get the picture).

    [Just stop by any location to pick one up.]

  • Sometimes you can’t be out with your friends. Or you’d just like to send a friend something nice. That’s where we come in! Just click the button below and choose from a variety of dishes, drinks and extras to send via Gratafy. Once you buy it, your friend will instantly receive an email with the credit.  It’s just like magic…but more delicious.

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